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уроки ударных, перкуссии
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Образование, исполнительский опыт:
Блестяще закончил Харьковский Институт искусств по класу ударных.

Работал в Донецком объединении музыкальных ансамблей, Харьковской, Тульской, Ужгородской областных филармониях.

Занятия могут проводиться на русском, украинском или английском языке.

I've started my music journey being 6 by taking piano lessons following 7 years of State Piano School , then fall in love with drums around 14 and has never stop since. After finishing high school I've decided to continue music education by moving to Kharkov city and taking full 4 years of State University of Music education with majors in Percussion Art / Arranging / Band management. During those 4 years I was also drumming for State City Big Band and top city’s cover band “Aspect”

Ones off University , he got my first major label gig being 22 and since then I've become known major label touring drummer until me and my family left USSR to Israel

It turns to be a good move as I was also happy with being drummer for major label recording artist “Maxim”( Maksym Leonidov) and top show band” Shampani’a “ as well as having extensive studio work in Tel-Aviv. In 1993 we've moved to Canada. Since than I've used to play with different club / show / wedding bands as well as touring in Canada and internationally with including :

Jugged Edge , ( Classic Rock / Alternative )

Dylan Wikkens Band, ( Blues )

Michael Dankert Band (canadien recording artist , Power Pop)

Dynasty Band ( Show Band)

Iossi Nahmiass Band ( Show Band )

Wild T & The Spirit ( Canadian / International recording artist , Blues /Funk/Rock )

In 2001 Boris has decided to put his own band together – The Third Step.

The band was one of top working high end bands in Toronto and has been around until late 2011. Since than I'm developing very talented artist ( Rob DesMonD ) and I also drum for him. Stay tuned - I might get famous ! :)

Highlites :

12 years of professional education

4 major label acts/artists recording & touring / 2 indie artists touring

in over 18 countries

LIVE-on- AIR Recording with Wild T & The Spirit at BBC studios ( London , England )

Close to 30 years of perForming experience playing different music in different countries

Награды и заслуги:

VIA " TIME" / Donetsk / drummer

Ministry of Interiors State Big Band / Kharkov / drummer

VIA " Aspect" KOMA / Kharkov / drummer

DOMA / Donetsk / music supervisor / management

VIA "Orbita" / DOMA / Donetsk /drummer

Singer/SongWriter Arkadi Khoralov's band /TOF / Tula / touring drummer

Hard Rock band "Arena" / KOF / Kharkov / touring drummer

VIA "Karusel' " / DOMA / Torez / drummer & musical director

Rock/Pop band " The Beginning " / YOF / Yzgorod / touring drummer

VIA " Dialect " / KOMA / Kharkov / drummer

Show Band " Shampania " / Tel-Aviv / Israel / drummer

MAXIM ( Maksym Leonidov ) / Tel-Aviv / Israel / recording &touring drummer

Alex Saila /long term recording project /Tel-Aviv / Israel / producer , arranger, drummer

"Jagged Edge " / working band / Toronto / Canada / drummer

"Wild T&The Spirit" /Canadian&International recording artist /touring drummer

"The Third Step " / working band / Toronto / Canada / founder, band leader , drummer

Rob DesMonD / Canadian&International recording artist/ Toronto/Canada / drummer , musical director , studio production , sub-arranger , project manager.

Методика преподавания:

proper & legit ( official or established world wide) hand / foot techniques

basic , yet the most crucial fundamentals of modern drumming & drum theory

second line drumming ( so-called" one & a half man drumming)

left / right hand leading ( so-called "open" & 'close" positions ) and the latest modern tendencies on this subject

melodic double bass drum

introduction to so-called "brain power" and how to use it in order to get good results

much faster and much easier

introduction to so-called " power of association" and how to use it in order to get good results much faster and much easier

introduction to how to use modern metronomes , which one to use and what to do if you don't have or can not get one.

introduction to what one should know about playing to a click track

introduction to MIDI & music computer software that one can use to his learning advantage

introduction to what one should know `in order to become "all round" drummer

introduction to how one can practice and get great results WITHOUT actually sitting behind drum set or without having single practice pad and even DRUM STICKS

introduction to Latin fundamentals , its differences & left foot clave

an ability to come up with "custom" learning plan based on the student current needs in order to get good results much faster and much easier

most of mainstream styles except trash/speed/death & other Forms of not-so-musical metal , experimental jazz & be-bop ; all levels- beginner to pro
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